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Tuesday 2 February
12.30 Conference welcome and introduction
  By John Bows and Rob Farr

  Session 1: Microstructure
  Chair: John Melrose
12.45 (Invited) The Physics of Food Foams – challenges in understanding bubbles in food
Grant Campbell, University of Huddersfield, UK
13.10 (Invited) Mimicking plants to create new food structures and packaging materials
Gleb Yakubov, University of Nottingham, UK
13:35 Microalgae addition to foods: impact on microstructure and texture
Patricia Lopez-Sanchez, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

14:00 Break

  Session 2: Modelling and processing 
  Chair: Rob Farr
14:15  Food-grade surfactants in triglyceride oil
Simon Titmuss, University of Edinburgh, UK
14:40 (Invited) Material science approaches to cereal foods structuring and destructuring
Guy Della Valle, INRAE, France
15:05 Understanding Microwave Heating in Biomass-Solvent Systems
Ali Taqi, University of Nottingham, UK

15:30 Break

  Session 3: Modelling and processing 2
  Chair: Beccy Smith
15:45 Physical underpinning of food interactions
Keshavan Naranjan, University of Reading, UK
16:10 (Invited) Is green tea good for you? Insights from atomistic simulations of polyphenols
Carla Molteni, King’s College London, UK
16:35 (Invited) From pouring to breaking – key challenges in food rheology from liquid to glassy structures
Jan Engmann, Nestle, Switzerland

17:00  Poster and breakout session

18:00  End of day 1
Wednesday 3 February
09:00 Conference day 2 welcome and introduction

  Session 4: Measurement
  Chair: Martin Whitworth
09:15 (Invited) Exploiting neutron scattering to reveal the structure of food materials
Elliot Paul Gilbert, ANSTO, Australia
09:40 Nanomechanical investigation of suspended cell wall fragments by AFM and implications for intercell adhesion
Holly Linford, University of Leeds, UK
10:05 High-Time Resolution Measurements of DropletEvaporation Kinetics and Particle Crystallisation Imaging
Dan Hardy, University of Bristol, UK
10:30 Non-invasive measurement of rheology and flow
Megan Povey, University of Leeds, UK

10:55 Break

  Session 5: Measurement and sustainability
  Chair: John Bows
11:15  Ultra-Broadband Characterisation System of Dielectric Properties of Food Materials
Joshua Hamilton, University of Exeter, UK
11:40 (Invited) Role of the kinematic, mechanical and surface characteristics of the tongue in food oral processing
Vincent Mathieu, INRAE, France
12:05 (Invited) Modifications of skimmed milk structure during processing revealed by small-angle scattering
Lilia Ahrne’, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
12:30 (Invited) Lignin-rich co-products to ingredients with microstructure functionality
Bettina Wolf, University of Birmigham, UK

12:55 Conference closing remarks

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Poster and breakout session

15:30  IOP Food Physics AGM

16:30 Close

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1 February 2021

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