Instructions for oral presenters

The chair of your session will introduce you before your talk and then moderate the questions from the audience on the chat box or raised virtual hands. 

If the chair doesn't have the time to read out all the questions, oral presenters are encouraged to answer them on the chat box after their talk.

Before your session
  • Please make sure you have consulted the programme and are aware of the date, time and session of your talk
  • Register for the event. The link to join will be sent out on the final confirmation email on the day before the event
  • Make sure you have planned your talk according to the instructed time: 25 minutes (including questions).

You can chose to do a live talk on the event, or you can record your talk in advance. Please note instructions for each option below.

Live talks

If you are giving a live talk, you are expected to have your presentation open on your desktop and ready to share 5 minutes before the start of your talk. The conferences team will be running software practice before the event on 27 January between 2pm and 3pm GMT. Please attend if you want to make sure your connection is reliable, your camera and microphone work and also to optimise the sharing of your screen. To get the login details for this sessions, please email

The conferences team will play an audible warning 2 minutes before the talk is due to end. Please keep your presentation within the allocated time in the programme. If you go above the time limit, the chair will have the capacity to intervene and move on to the next author on the agenda.

You are also advised to send your slides, when ready, to just as a back-up for your live talk. This is optional.

Pre-recorded talks

If you would like your talk to be pre-recorded, please send it to Ana in the conferences team at by the end of the day on 27 January 2021.

  • Format: MP4 or pptx. file, downloadable zoom recording or youtube link.

You will only be expected to turn on your sound at the end of the recording for the questions. Please do not turn microphone on at any other time apart from when the chair opens up the Q&A after your presentation.

Key dates

Registration deadline:

1 February 2021

Organised by the IOP Food Physics Group